Wednesday, April 21, 2010


I have a million words to say but they are all jumbled up in my thought
I had a million thoughts to write but depite my search I never found what I sought
In my primitive African mind I believed someone had buried all my creativity in a pot
So in my desperation to put pen to paper, I stumbled upon writer’s block

They say it is a period when a writer fails to create or put together a decent plot
You would fight and fight but never win back the inspiration for which you fought
So I put fingers to keyboard and let loose like a freed moth
Aaaaaahhhhh! This thing called writer’s block

So on that note pad that I bought
From down the road and to the left of the food court
I calmly write words that rhyme with Block
And try to put together a post about Writer’s Block

This post is different from earlier ones or you could be damn and never spot
You can call it a cheap attempt at poetry for which bothered I’m certainly not
I guess all am trying to do is, find words that are in assonance with writer’s block


  1. Nice one, they say one of the ways to fight writer's block is to write about it. I like the assonance,

  2. Than you Myne and I love the way the Cupids risk series is shaping up