Sunday, December 12, 2010


I was so happy to hear your voice once again, even though it carried unpleasant news to my ears. You had been in my thoughts for quite some time and listening to you laugh at your own dry jokes made me miss you all over again.

The last time we spoke it caused a rift between Akua and I and I had vowed never to condone any such conversations from you again. Yet, last night was special. You revealed a side of yourself I had forgotten existed. You made me laugh, you made me jealous and you made me wonder how life would have been if we were a couple.

You would have definitely had to lose your “I get everything I want attitude” and you would have had to learn how to eat fufu. We would have been so great at the sports bar because your “all Chelsea” approach and my love for Arsenal Fc would make you a favourite with the guys.

Wow! I just remembered I would have had to learn to eat “Akyeke”, your mum’s favourite dish but I wouldn’t mind playing golf with your dad and the “big boys” on Sunday.

Well, I guess we would never have to find that out because I am happy with the woman am with and I am glad you have found somebody else.

You say he reminds you of me, the way he says hi, his sense of fashion and his zeal to succeed in life. Okay! If you put it that way then I am kind of jealous plus, you say he drives a Range Rover. Psshhh! Arrogant jerk. Alright fine, I am really jealous.

But I am glad you found somebody else and I am glad he makes you happy. Perhaps, finally you will have a taste of true love, when the right man loves you right.
I hope I don’t fade away and we can still have our occasional banter on everything under the sun. It was glad hearing from you Cindy. I wish you all the best.

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