Wednesday, January 20, 2010


I woke her with a single stroke of my finger on her perfectly smooth face; it was like running my hands through the gentle calmness of a pool of water. As if she knew I meant no harm, she responded by curling further into my arms, refusing to let go of that bond that held us both together.

“I would never let go” was the Morse code I deduced from the thumping of her heart that resonated through her back, to my chest. Uhhh! How wonderfully well my morning had begun.

I slowly leaned over and I kissed her sweet lips, her eyes flickered and that’s when I saw it. Beaming with love, passion and trust was that gaze that emanated deep beyond those soft twinkling brown eyes. “Good morning” they read, “I love you more than anything else”. I responded with a sheepish smile and I am sure she could sense my thoughts “I wish I could lie hear all morning with you and never have to go to work”.

She squeezed my hand and then leaned closer to kiss me. I kissed her back, and then buried my head into her hair. I took in a deep breath and though the aroma had no traces of cocoa butter or vanilla, her usual choice of Victoria secret’s body splash, the smell I took in was the scent of love. Pure, unadulterated love.

She put her arms around my neck and her smile told me she knew I was the man for her. I placed my forehead right on her’s in a classic tête-à-tête and kissed her nose, our personal signature move which implies “you mean the world to me”.

I began to pull away, but her fingers interlocked behind my neck signalled stay a bit longer. I smiled and as though she knew I was saying I will try and make it a half day today, she let go.

I took a shower, then made my way to work and began blogging about the wonderful conversation I had with love this morning. The only difference is, between Love and I, no one uttered a single word.


  1. hmmmmmm...thats my comment!

  2. it is always nice when a fallen soldier announces to the whole world that he has fallen!!!...:-)...(i can her you now,"i no fall ooo")

  3. am sure you've heard this saying b4 "old soldier never die". Lol!