Tuesday, August 9, 2011


It’s amazing how time flies whether you are having fun or not and it’s amazing what you would find once you begin to take stock of your life. You see, in less than two hours I would be 26 years old and as I lay here recollecting events in my life, I realise a fascinating trend. The great (or should I say the most significant) things that have had great impact to my very existence have occurred in the years ending with six and their multiples.

I call it “the Mensah Theorem”, a series of events that have led to my present state of mind, body and soul.

My father died just four months after my sixth birthday and as young as I was, I can remember the exact day it happened, where I was and how I knew he had passed away. It was at one of my aunt’s Boxing Day parties, the day’s she puts in the extras for her infamous chocolate cakes. It was also the day where I walked into the kitchen and found my mother sprawled on the floor weeping her heart out. It was also the day where my very innocent speech; “Mum I know daddy is gone but if you stop crying you can have a piece of my chocolate cake” initiated a mother-son bond that even Zeus can’t strike apart with his thunder bolt.

So fast forward six years after and I am twelve but back at the same dark place I was six years before and laying a similar wreath I laid on my father’s tomb six years before. Only this time, it was my grandmother, the only one of the pair I had ever known.

As long and tiresome as her funeral was, Grannies death and memorial service taught me a lesson that I will never forget. That no matter how well you live your life and how well you bring forth your offspring, it is the lives that you touch outside your family that makes you a great person. A resolution I remind myself every year and the flame that keeps my passion to put Baba through school every time he calls.

16, wasn’t much to go by but it was the year I got my drivers’ license and the year that acne took my pretty boy status away. Lesson learnt here; never mix Clearasil with Dettol.

Well at 18 the fun began. Death had gone past my family by and young Mr. Page was ready to live. Everything rebellious happened in this year. I broke my virginity (yes I am a late bloomer but trust me I caught on very fast), friendship with Sawan and Opoku took me from an innocent chap to an over confident fashionable teen. Mfantsipim School also gave me the best preparation a young African man needed to conquer the world. (Haters of the school should please refer to Mr. Kofi Annan).

For the immense heartache I brought my mother that period, I say I am sorry. To that lovely girl that I gave a reason not to trust any man again, I say sorry (but I think it is safe not to trust any man) and to the numerous parties I crushed and the several more I got invited to, I say thank you. (The MOBB in 2002 was still the illest party ever) To my now rickety car (GW 142 R) I tip my heart to you for all the nights you carried the boys to clubs, parties and car races safely. You truly did your duty, I love you.

18 was fun, care free and full of baggy clothes.

So two years before now I sat at this very spot, typing out a blog I had named 25 to life, (unfortunately that blog never saw the light of day) 24 hours to my 25th birthday (A bit confusing huh? So is everything with theorem at the end) It was a summary of how I felt I had not achieved enough to warrant the age 25.

But today, I sit here at 26 (clock just struck midnight), confident of what I have achieved and what I am going to achieve.

I have the best family luck can afford any random baby. Father died but his wisdom and wealth has kept me in the top schools Ghana can offer. Mum never remarried, so I never lacked a divided attention and sister always blazed the trail so I will never have to make her mistakes.
Friends gave me confidence and boosted my ego; two things that have seen me not fail any job interview till date. Ebo taught me to consider others’ opinion, a trait that has made me respected amongst my peers I love you for that bro. Randy was there to remind me that being popular doesn’t mean you can’t ace your exams. Pino was a solid roommate and Quest will always have my back. Tee-el my brother from another mother, you can piss the whole world off but you will always have a room in my house and Charlene I will always be grateful, you have been a true guide to discovering the real Mr. Page.

To you, I will always love and though I may bring tears to your eyes sometimes, my heart will never wander far from where yours beats. You are my true soul mate.

So on the night that I officially break my silence in blogville and celebrate my 26th Birthday, I say “Because time itself is like a spiral, something special happens on your birthday each year: The same energy that God invested in you at birth is present once again”.

Help celebrate my birthday with me and remember, we “balling” at Bella Roma this Friday Night; drinks are not on the house. 18 still lurks somewhere in 26 so be sure not to be the designated driver.


  1. Mr. Page watz gud... Happy Birthday!!! ma guy. but we for play fifa b4 bella !!!!

  2. Most Def but BONTI seriously, do you want to do this to yourself again. Maybe next time we will raise the stakes and probably play for pink slips. Thanks for the wishes though

  3. A moving, melancholic and nostalgic retrospective insight of your 26 years of existence on this earth.May many more fruitful years come your way Mr.Page.
    Drinks should definitely be on the house my mehn!!lol