Friday, December 11, 2009


I recently had a bout with that familiar word I will not dread on anyone who wishes to have a long committing relationship. I thought I was immune to that canker that prides itself on ripping so many relationships apart. Whether be it friendship, family, marriage or simply a boyfriend-girlfriend relationship, distance has known to work its magic.

It’s funny because in my previous relationship (boyfriend-girlfriend if you are all wandering) it was this all too popular friend or should I say foe that dealt me my first broken heart. (Still don’t know if it was the real one because I recovered too quick) Though much of the fault was mine, if “Ms. Distance” happens to find his cousin “Long”, boy- oh- boy! Your relationship is set firm on rocky waters.

Lately, due to the immense time I have found on my side, I decided to take a walk down memory lane to find out why I have all of a sudden become a loner. It then occurred to me that out of the five people (If I forgot you please forgive me) I can proudly call friends I have lost four to “Long Distance”. I only hear from them on Birthday’s and Christmas, that makes it twice a year and when we make the occasional acquaintance we rarely have anything to talk about.

If you will remember I said four friends that means, “L.D” was kind enough to spare me one. Huh! Kind, that is one word distance has no knowledge about and if you consider that they share just two letters (out of the 26) in common, then you will understand why they are far from friends.

The one person left who I can completely be myself with, who I can say is my soul mate (if there ever is a thing like that), and who knows all the details of every passing moment in my life is now under the spell of “LD”.

It all begins with the first jab distance often throws; loneliness. In those conditions who can blame you if you begin to find solace with new friends, new activities and simply new ways of making yourself belong. That’s when cousin “Long” steps in the ring with his signature move; forgetfulness. You begin to forget to call your partner, buddy or whatever you choose to call him/her. You only make that call when you remember the day has gone by and you haven’t checked on him/her. Gradually it moves from an occasional “how are you doing” to the obligatory “Just Checking up on you”.

That’s when you realize it’s only a matter of time before the calls seize. You then find out that, that guy/girl he or she introduced you to sometime back as his/her new friend is now where you once stood.

Your world begins to spin around in circles and you finally hit the canvas, still wandering what sent you hurtling down. Now the stars and the circles clear and you then realize you have been hit by a double combo (thanks to Mortal Kombat), you have been fighting an unfair battle all along where it is just you against the Tag-team “LONG DISTANCE”.

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